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dece01 commented on November 15, 2010
@ jslvsclf: you can use chicken or vegetable broth in place of milk products!
jslvsclf commented on November 10, 2010
Thank you. My question is what can I use in place of the milk/cream as now I am cooking for my mother and she can't have dairy products. This looks so easy. I hope mine turn out as well as the video!!!
AiredalesRock commented on November 18, 2009
I think this video could have been just a tad more informative. What happens if you whip them too much, how much butter, milk, some people keep some of the potato water, etc. Can the potatoes be cut up the day before (yes, just keep them covered in water with a container with a lid). Do they have to be prepared at the last minute.
sheshis commented on August 21, 2008
I think this is sooo awsome!! Thank You
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