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LisaLornie commented on December 18, 2011
When my Father had cancer all he could keep down was egg nog. The Dr recommended washing the eggs in hot soapy water first so thats what my mother did .
abmascarenas commented on December 07, 2011
My homemade eggnog recipe calls for 12 raw eggs. I've been making it for 25 years and no one has ever gotten sick! Wouldn't make any other recipe :) BTW I live in the good 'ol US of A!!
marsaili commented on December 06, 2011
Um, eggnog IS uncooked Julyprincesspat­ricia. If you don't want to make it, then don't make it---you don't have to be so uppity about it.
veldasavage commented on December 21, 2010
I ONLY make raw egg eggnog. There is no other where taste is concerned.
MartinwoodForest commented on December 11, 2010
Frankly, I can't get my knickers in a twist about the raw eggs. Humans have been eathing them for milennia without slowing down our dominance of the planet. It's clear from the narrator's accent that she is British, so apparently the Brits don't share our phobia about raw eggs since there isn't even a disclaimer about the supposed dangers of eating them. How refreshing! I'll be making this recipe soon.
julyprincesspatricia commented on December 20, 2009
6 eggs - not cooked. There isn't a score low enough to give this recipe. For shame, Taste of Home, featuring an uncooked eggnog!
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