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jslvsclf commented on January 07, 2013
Thank you! My cousin and I like to make candy or cookies dipped in chocolate, so I would like to see you melt white (vanilla) chocolate chips and show what to do when the chocolate starts to stiffen since we are not dipping fast enough. I'd also like to see a neat way to dip the cookies/candy, as we just end up taking a spoon and pouring the chocolate over the cookie or candy. I bought a dipper from Wilton but it seems like a waste of money; either that or I'm just not good at this! We keep doing this anyway, consoling ourselves with 'its the thought behind the gift that matters'!! :)
chukka1 commented on December 14, 2010
Very well explained. Now, is there a video on how to dip candy, cake balls, etc. in chocolate without getting marks on the balls, candy etc. from the dipping tool? Jeanne
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