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lcarroll3 commented on September 24, 2011
hutton513 commented on November 20, 2010
What a wonderful idea! I had so much fun making them. My guest will be so delighted, thank you!
brazenlove commented on November 06, 2010
Brilliantly made! a little complicated but soooo worth it.
plantoneonme commented on November 02, 2010
Too cute! I will be making this for sure this year.
Sandi*S commented on November 01, 2010
I hace the "Hello Cupcake" and it is FAN-TAS-Tic!! This will b great for my co-workers!!
pbozek commented on August 24, 2010
Wow! This is really different...a Roasted Turkey Cupcake! This is impressive and I plan to try it this Thanksgiving!
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