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nettesmail commented on October 02, 2011
Very good instructions. Thank you.
Fylnn commented on September 16, 2011
this video was great and very informative. thanks
grannycarol2 commented on September 15, 2011
After watchin this video I want to get in the kitchen and make some bread. In the past, I have always been hesitant about overkneading the dough.
geneyackley commented on March 12, 2011
This video leaves little doubt on how to knead bread dough. 1st time I have ever seen it done by hand. I let my stand mixer do this job as I have back problems. Thanks!
gina1971 commented on February 17, 2011
I would like to know how to place it in the pan so it won't split on the top, also when making nut bread how to prevent cracking. Thank you. Deb
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