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curleytoes commented on January 15, 2009
in my 40 years i never thought of deep frying bacon wrapped mac'n'c­heese. i knew that paula had it on the ball. thanks for the alternative to plain mac'n'c­heese
CrystalChel commented on January 13, 2009
I had a heart attack just watching this! What a way to go! Great!
cookiehead commented on January 12, 2009
Write your review of this video... commented on January 12, 2009
i think it's great, it wasn't too long and i can even watch with my busted speakers and know exactly how to do it! keep it up to paula, i am a southern girl and to know someone out there is still making truley good comfort food is great!! we all get plenty of the diet mess everytime we visit the doctor!!
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