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kathydew commented on December 20, 2010
I made this using dark chocolate chips and added more walnuts. I boiled for 5 minutes. It turned out perfect! Easiest fudge I've ever made and the best results.
smmorrow commented on December 13, 2010
For those asking about the ingredient measurements, you can get the recipe here: http://www.very­­ecipes/18456/CAR­NATION-Famous-Fudge/­px
cmmonroe commented on December 13, 2010
Where are the ingredient amounts??????
reet123 commented on December 05, 2010
I need the amounts of each of the ingredients. The recipe looks great.
Maryann Striegel commented on January 06, 2009
I've made this fudge before [recipe is on the Carnation can]and it is very simple and very good, however, I use a wooden spoon. The spatula used in this video appears to be a rubber one--which would MELT if used for stirring a boiling mixture 4-5 minutes!
ogarcia35 commented on December 18, 2008
8.0 It looks easy but is there any way to say amounts use for ingredients?
villaparkpat commented on December 02, 2008
This reciepe sounds great, but doesn't give the amount of the ingredients. Please let me know where to find it. Thank you.
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