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kjdt commented on September 25, 2013
Video did not work! Bummer!
anniemoe commented on November 04, 2012
Great videos! Can hardly wait to try some of these ideas.
Spiffy64 commented on January 17, 2011
Very good. I can't wait to try some of these crusts! They all were very pretty looking and seem simple to do.
Jeanneeas commented on July 14, 2010
Kathleen Weaver commented on February 16, 2010
I thought this was excellent! It was easy to hear, easy to follow, and had good decorative ideas. Thanks!
lindastory commented on February 16, 2010
The music was so loud there were times you can not hear the instructions.
gfleland commented on October 04, 2008
This is not what is listed for "Protect pie crust from buring with foil.
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